Mind and Money

My name is Keith McGuinness and I’m a freelance writer specialising in investing and Fintech. By creating compelling content, I help clients build their business through:
• Lead generation
• Lead conversion
• Customer retention
• Generating web traffic
• Enhancing social media presence
• Establishing credibility


Previous clients


Why I’m different

I’m an investor as well as a freelance writer. I built my investment portfolio based on Ray Dalio’s ‘All Weather’ strategy. This means that I have direct experience in a lot of the topics that I write about. As Nassim Nicholas Taleb might say, I’ve got skin in the game. It also means that I get to write about a topic which fascinates me.


How I can help you

Content is a key component of any digital marketing strategy. Many of the world’s biggest brands now consider themselves to be publishers as much as retailers or service providers. Take Lego for example. Kids may love the movie but make no mistake, it’s a (very effective) marketing tool.

To put it in trading terms, content can be a marketing ‘edge’.

I can save you time and effort by coming up with a wide range of compelling content which will help you reach your marketing goals including:
• Blog posts
• E-books
• Whitepapers
• Case studies
• Newsletters
• And more


To discuss your content requirements further, please get in touch.